F rom the orchestra pitts of Shakespeare plays to costume balls and private parties; from dusty fields to gothic cathedrals, Early Music consort Mince Pye has built a reputation upon their energetic performances, outrageous style, and high-level musicianship. Their eclectic repertoire of Renaissance, Medieval, Celtic, and Middle Eastern Music, together with their unusual instruments and colorful costumes, continue to dazzle audiences of all ages.

Mince Pye was formed in 1995 when Recorder player Scott Long, Percussionist and Hurdy Gurdy player Paul Ash, and Guitarist Joe Matzzie met at the New York Renaissance Festival. They began playing, for sometimes fun and sometimes profit, along with Hammered Dulcimer player Stephen Starensier. The name of the group was established shortly after at a rooftop party in Manhattan where they jokingly told the audience that there would be a prize for whoever could name the group. The only name they got was "Mince Pye".

In 1996, Paul met Hammered Dulcimer player Ken Paulson, and annexed him to Mince Pye. Their first performance together was the Arkivestry Costume Ball at the Angel Orensanz Foundation. Following that Mince Pye proceeded to perform at every event that would have them; Festivals, Shakespeare plays, Weddings, Parades, and Society Events throughout the Northeastern United States, Mince Pye has managed to sell hundreds of copies of their debut album,
Renaissance Dance Music, while building a fiercely loyal following.

Then in 1999 Mince Pye went through more personnel changes, when Harpist, Bodhran player Erika Lieberman met the group at the Woodstock Renaissance Festival, where she was performing as a solo act. Erika joined Mince Pye and the group went on to perform even more widely, touring throughout the east coast, playing at The Maryland Renaissance Faire and The Huntington Renaissance Festival.

"What we play is authentic, but I wouldn't call it pure," says guitarist, Joe Matzzie. "To me, the Renaissance was anything but pure. We take what we do very seriously; we do our homework, but just as important is the energy, and the that this music is basically ethnic music."

The loyalty of Mince Pye's fans was exhibited when they played The 1999 New York Medieval Festival in Fort Tryon Park. Explains Joe Matzzie, "After every set the people in the audience would come running up to us and say 'so where's your next set' and we would tell them and they would all be there. They'd follow us all over the faire!"

In August of 2000 they released their second full length album, Pye To Go, along with Fiddle player, John Cordes. Featuring many of the songs that have become hits at their live performances, such as Medieval Drum Dance, Knocknagow, and Brian Boru's March.

Mince Pye is available for Holiday events, private parties, weddings, festivals, theatrical performances . . . or anything that goes with music of the Renaissance! Want Mince Pye to play your next party of event? Just call and ask (323)828-9105.

Listen to the music

From "Pye To Go":
Almande Gervaise _________________ .mp3 ____________ 1.3m
Jock o' Hazeldean _________________ .mp3 ____________ 1.4m
From "Renaissance Dance Music":
Cantiga 166 _________________ .mp3 ____________ 1.4m
The Famous Saltarello _________________ .mp3 ____________ 898k



Clients include:

- Buena Vista Pictures : "A Day at The Movies" parade on 5th Avenue in New York City, representing the Disney movie "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" : 1996
- Turner Publishing : a book release party for "Dinotopia" : 1995
- Arkivestry Costumes : The Arkivestry Costume Ball at The Angel Orensanz Foundation : 1996
- Barnes and Noble Booksellers : in-store performances : 1996
- Borders Books and Music : in-store performances : 1996
- Borders Books and Music Paramus New Jersey : in-store performances for Teachers Appreciation Day : 2000
- Bridge Theatre Company : Sound Design for A Company of Wayward Saints : 2000
- Bronxwood Home for The Aged Inc : The Bronxwood Renaissance Faire : 1999
- Creative Faires Ltd. : private parties and corporate events : 1995
- Dillon's Bar & Restaurant : Traditional Irish Music on St Patrick's Day : 2000

- The Elizabethan Shakespeare Company : "A Comedie of Errors", "Two Gentlemen of Verona", & "Much ado About Nothing" : 1996, 2000
- Emma Willard School : parents weekend 1998
- Enchantments Inc. : in-store performances
- Hollywood Productions : soundtrack and extra work for the film "The Battle Studies" : 1998
- Jezebel - Middle Eastern music accompaniment to Belly Dancing and Poetry, at The Knitting Factory and Centerfold Coffeehouse : 1996
- Kings County Shakespeare Company : music for "A Winter's Tale" : 1998
- Magical Realms :
The New York City Annual Witches' Ball : 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000
- The Maryland Renaissance Festival : 2000
- Renaissance Entertainment Corp :
The New York Renaissance Faire : 1995, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000
- Renaissance Faire in Huntington : 2000
- The Society for Creative Anachronisms : 1995
- Transformations Bookstore : in-store performance : 1999
- The Unrehearsed Shakespeare Company : "Romeo and Juliet", "A Midsomer Nights Dreame", & "Taming of The Shrew" : 1998
- Video Haven : in-store performances : 1995, 1996
- Washington Heights and Inwood Development Corp :
The New York Medieval Festival at Fort Tryon Park : 1997, 1998, 1999
- The Woodstock Renaissance Festival : 1998, 1999, 2000
- Always Entertaining Inc. : Christmas music for Holliday shoppers : 1999


For more information call (323)828-9105,
email joe@joematzzie.com